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We’ve championed consumer credit rights for 16 years, effectively helping consumers restore their credit history.  Our Flat-Fee, Credit Restoration Service is personalized.


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  • Bad Credit Entries Deleted In 30 days
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William Crowley/Veronica Mack & Team

Meet William Crowley and Veronica Mack ~ Your Team at

National Credit Restoration Services

William Crowley has been involved in financial planning for over 20 years. He and his business partner, Veronica Mack, are a dynamic team who will help you with your finances. Veronica keeps everything on track and running smoothly with her persistent attention to detail. All back office operations are computerized for all clients’ record keeping. This allows accurate credit clean up processing and scheduling.

William Crowley, is a 16 year consumer advocate for applying the 1970 Fair Credit Reporting Act for all consumers and regularly conducts dynamic non-traditional financial seminars, podcast interviews and is a featured speaker on Brandon Rimes’ Consumer Quarterback Show in Tampa Bay (a weekly radio broadcast).  You’ll find William speaking with passion and educating others regarding consumer/credit rights and finances. (Watch some videos right here on our website >> Credit EDU

Topics might include:  the hidden secrets of the credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax) and how unfamiliar we are with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) of 1970. Or you might find William explaining the science and the secrets of financing an automobile; being self-employed verses having a job; hidden secrets of the tax system; student loan consolidation information; and more.

Message from William and Veronica:

After working directly or indirectly with several of the larger credit restoration companies we realized we could do a better job than they do by providing personalized service.

We provide services for a flat fee and do not use the monthly subscription method or charge for each line item on your credit report. These two methods cost you more money in the long run. We feel that’s not what you need when you are struggling to straighten out your problems. We are not here to take advantage of you, only to help.


We want you to know and understand the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and how it protects the rights of the consumer from the abusive credit reporting agencies. During your credit restoration with us, you will also learn about suing for damages, the truth about charge offs and collection accounts and the importance of putting the promotional block on your credit reports. (Specifically answered in video number 2 on Credit Repair EDU page, this website.  Title is “This is The Big One!”)

Most importantly, we want you to learn and understand who really benefits from the fact that 80% of consumers have bad credit!


One more reason to choose National Credit Restoration Services…

We are not affiliated with any credit bureau, collection agency, law firm, lender or any other company that might get in the way of us helping you. (That would be a disservice to our customers). Our commitment is to provide the best advice we can (and that cannot be done if we owe big favors to some of the companies we’ll be dealing with).

(Many companies who say they provide credit counseling services have mixed allegiances and may not always look out for your best interests).

Ready to discuss restoring your bad credit to good?  It is entirely possible!  CALL 727-798-3092 for your free consultation, today.

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