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We’ve championed consumer credit rights for 16 years, effectively helping consumers restore their credit history.  Our Flat-Fee, Credit Restoration Service is personalized.


National Credit

  • Bad Credit Entries Deleted In 30 days
  • Cease & Desist Letters
  • VOD – What is this? (Call me!)
  • Effective Credit Restoration/Clean Up
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our service


Why Repair Bad Credit History/What’s Important About Having Good Credit?

Why is it important to address a bad credit situation and clean up your credit?  The reasons are numerous.  Most people know that а bad credit score affects their ability to obtain prime rates on mortgage loans, car loans, approvals for credit cards and impacts one’s chances of getting approved for leasing an apartment or home. But here is one more…did you know it can also effect whether or not you will be hired for employment?

It is true. Your credit report is being included as part of the hiring process more and more, and it is because your potential employer equates your credit score with how responsible you are.  (Make sense?)  Especially in positions where large amounts of money are involved, like in banks and retail stores, or if you are applying to be а financial officer at а financial institution, you should understand that bad credit can ruin your chances of being considered. The term for this is “reasonable risk” reflected in your credit rating, and it is a reason you may not be hired.

The good news is, there are definite steps to take to repair and restore a bad credit history!  We are committed to helping you do this!

We are National Credit Restoration Assistance and we are here to help you.

National Credit Restoration Assistance

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